Bald Eagle on Back Neck Rd.

Eagle Manor is the last home on Back Neck Rd. in Fairfield Township, NJ. Past Eagle Manor, the Back Neck Rd. proceeds into the wilderness of Dix Wildlife Management Area and eventually turns into a dirt road best navigated on foot or by jeep. Those who venture further are handsomely rewarded with raptor views unparalleled anywhere else in New Jersey. On this day we caught an immature bald eagle perched high in a dead tree. The close up pictures are a little grainy due to the distance.

Immature Bald Eagle off Back Neck Rd Profile View

Bald Eagle about 10 minutes from Eagle Manor off Back Neck Rd when it turns into a dirt road in Dix wildlife management area.

Immature Bald Eagle off Back Neck Rd Facing Forward

Bald Eagle surveying its territory in the DIX wildlife management area from a dead tree that affords a good view of its prey.

Closeup Immature Bald Eagle Of Back Neck Rd

This close up view is a little grainy, but you can clearly make out the powerful talons and the brown spotted plumage of this immature Bald Eagle.


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