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Eagle Manor Barn Wedding Sneak Peek

A lot of folks have been asking about our barns and their availability for weddings and receptions. This post and video officially kick off our barn renovations so that we can have the barn ready for folks in 2017. The first phase, starting this Autumn, will be removal of the floor on the second story […]

We’re Finally Open

Eagle Manor has finally opened our doors to our first vacation destination rental. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding photos of the new interior decor, including floor maps, we’ll be publishing a press release, and we’ll be scheduling a grand opening celebration. We’re currently in the process of scheduling tours for wedding events and vacation […]

Bald Eagle as Your Alarm Clock

This Bald Eagle was my alarm clock today at Eagle Manor. Every day, in the morning and evening, the Bald Eagles perch in the tree overlooking the Eagle Manor mansion house. They’ll do this as long as there’s not a lot of activity on the front lawn. If you’re quiet enough you can even get […]

July Sunset at Eagle Manor

I snapped this beautiful sunset yesterday evening. The extra humidity associated with the heatwave has made for some excellent sunrises and sunsets this week. This was taken from our River Deck overlooking the Cohansey River, but their was an equally beautiful view from the stocked Reflecting Pond behind the Historic Dairy Barn. I also have […]

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

This snapping turtle is not going to win any beauty contests. This is a face only a mother could love. This turtle is also due to become a new mother because its come out of the marsh to lay its eggs like many others around the estate. Turtles have to lay their eggs en mass […]

Ospreys Near Eagle Manor

The Ospreys are out in force this year at Eagle Manor. In some places there are more Ospreys than sea gulls. They seem very interested in our pond now that it’s stocked with fish. There are several nests in the grounds surrounding the manner with large chicks still inside. I snapped pictures of the adults […]

Eagles Above Eagle Manor

I was working in the mansion house above Eagle Manor and I heard Bald Eagle vocalization outside in the tree above. I grabbed my camera and ran out and I was able to capture this slightly shaky video of an immature bald eagle preening. Little did I know there were two more eagles in the […]

Bald Eagle on Back Neck Rd.

Eagle Manor is the last home on Back Neck Rd. in Fairfield Township, NJ. Past Eagle Manor, the Back Neck Rd. proceeds into the wilderness of Dix Wildlife Management Area and eventually turns into a dirt road best navigated on foot or by jeep. Those who venture further are handsomely rewarded with raptor views unparalleled anywhere else […]

Eagle Manor Eagle Flyby

We were out performing some aerial photography with our video drone about a quarter mile south of the Manor house today and we had a little visit from a young Bald Eagle. At first I thought it was a red-tailed hawk, but the plumage didn’t match. Immature Bald Eagles are easy to confuse with other […]

The Guinea Fowl Keets are Here

This year’s brood of guinea fowl keets have arrived and are growing steadily in their brooding box. They’ll be in the brooding box for a month before we let them loose on the the grounds. These guinea fowl are ornamental but they also help to keep the pests down, especially ticks, which is always a plus. Here’s […]